Technical Authoring Services


If the source document is written with translation in mind from the outset, it’s possible to save significant time and money when it comes to carrying out that translation. Technical authoring gives you the chance to gain an edge over your competitors with exceptionally clear technical texts. Our technical authoring services allow you to elevate your communications and capture your audiences with superbly written technical documents.

Our technical authors are experienced writers with special technical product knowledge. Their work embraces sectors such as aerospace, defense, electronics, mining, biotech, to medical devices. Our technical authors combine their writing and language skills with the specialist niche knowledge of technical industries. They’re able to produce the sort of user manuals, company catalogues and promotional materials that explain products and services with unparalleled detail and clarity.

This means the documents do their job far more effectively than those written by regular writers. This can bring benefits like increased sales, greater user satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

What is the difference between a writer and a technical author?

A conventional writer’s work is often creative or promotional. In contrast technical authors produce detailed factual work, using organization, research and a very careful writing style to simplify complex technical information. The key mission of a technical writer is to provide clear and accurate information in a way that the audience can quickly, easily and completely understand.

Why should I use The Translation People for my technical authoring?

We have over 30 years’ of experience, famously smooth project management and finished work that’s delivered on time and within budget. We are also flexible enough to provide technical writers who operate in almost every world language and formats ranging from hard copy to SGML/XML.

Our technical writers are available to work either on or off site and collaborate closely with our own technical illustrators. This leads to even more effective and integrated end results. They’re also familiar with the recognized specifications of particular industries, such as ATA 100, AECMA 1000D, and 2000D, as well as controlled languages like Simplified English for eliminating ambiguity and ensuring consistent use of terminology.

Lastly, our ISO 9001:2008 certification reflects the rigorous quality management system we use throughout the technical authoring process, which means you always get exactly the finished results we promise.

If you require technical authoring services, please contact us now.