Software Localization Services

Software localization is much more than simple language translation of the user interface. Good software localization helps your product overcome cultural barriers to meet the needs of a broad target audience. Our services give depth and integrity to software by fine-tuning it for the specific target audience. Software localization is a crucial service for clients who want to make the most of their software. We will provide your software with better usability and engagement, and a greater impact.

What Does Our Software Localization Process Involve?

We offer a comprehensive service which covers the building, testing, and UI verification for software and help-based products, including traditional software through to multimedia, web, Mac, PC, server, and client-side applications. Our technical experts use specialized tools to extract, translate, and re-insert the text contained in your software. This includes features like toolbars and error messages. We also put your software through rigorous pre-launch testing to ensure the newly localized text appears exactly how it should and when the end-user requires it.

Why Use The Translation People for Software Localization Services?

We have the expertise and resources to provide you with high-performance software localization for everything from new media applications for mobile phones and to conventional PC-based applications. We also translate all aspects of the project including user interfaces, online help, installation guides, license agreements and any other documentation necessary to launch the software into another market.

 The Translation People team will work closely with you to plan, implement, and test multilingual software that delivers your desired results. Our engineers are capable of creating successful software in any language, including those with alternative alphabets like Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

We hold high standards and our track record of success demonstrates why business from all around the world and of all shapes and sizes trust us to deliver their software localization projects on time and within budget.