Multilingual DTP and Typesetting


Translated text may not fit into your document so neatly. This can be due to a variety of factors like if the text is read from right to left or if it uses a different alphabet. To overcome these difficulties, you need a dedicated team of specialists that is sensitive to translation concerns and well versed in design. Our in-house DTP team has a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of typesetting foreign languages into a huge range of software packages on both Mac and PC platforms, including Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Framemaker, and Adobe Pagemaker.

Our multilingual DTP and typesetting services help you avoid the risks associated with hyphenation or corrupted fonts. It also eliminates text overrunning text boxes due to text expansion which can occur when translating into languages that use more characters than the original.

To thoroughly check our finished material we use experienced proofreaders working in their first language, and our service helps save time, therefore, reducing costs. We will also carefully typeset our finished work into your original artwork template. This makes sure that your target document will look exactly the way you want.

Our Typesetting Expertise

Our typesetting service comes with all the expertise and flexibility of our DTP service and ranges from single business cards to thousand-page multilingual catalogues in any language, including those with different alphabets like Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Urdu.

Our typesetting is performed by skilled operators fluent in the language they’re working in with an incredible attention to detail. As always, quality is paramount, and our rigorous final checking processes guarantee you that the job is superbly done.

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