Document Translation Services

translation-servicesThe heart and soul of our business is successful, high quality, professional document translation. Our service is used by our clients spanning the globe and covering a wide range of languages. From electronics and medical to legal and IT, we are capable of working effectively and efficiently in every sector and any level in almost any language combination. We have a policy of only using translators working into their native language to ensure top quality translations. Our translators are also specialists in the field, and are well versed in the terminology and concepts of their specialty industry. Our translators are handpicked for their extensive experience in the translation industry, superb language skills and their specialty knowledge of a particular sector. We find this ensures the nuances and intricacies are adhered to and results in better quality translations.

As a client of The Translation People, you will benefit from superb work with incredible attention to detail and integrity. Our dedicated team of experts also allow us to return translations in any format, including HTML, Powerpoint, XML, Flash and InDesign. You will also benefit from the talents of our dedicated project management team who will ensure that your project is delivered in the correct format, on time, and within budget.

We will work with you to ensure your final product is excellent. We can offer advice concerning aspects that may allow for your translation to be delivered faster. We can also offer advice and service to ensure your document is returned looking exactly the way you want.

Security is a major concern for many clients, especially when dealing with sensitive legal or commercial information. We also offer clients a dedicated account and personal login for safely uploading their content into our state-of-the-art management system. Our translators and our staff have all signed non-disclosure agreements and are well versed in how to handle sensitive documents well. Trust us- your work is in safe hands. 

If you require document translation services, request a quote or contact us now.