Translation Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive translation and interpreting services. We ensure that each project meets our high quality standards and are delivered with integrity and attention to detail. Our high standards and precision have helped make us the preferred translation services provider for clients around the globe. Each service we offer is backed up by an experienced team of professionals ensuring that your project is completed carefully, efficiently, within budget, and on time.

Document translation
Document translation sits at the heart of our business and underpins our reputation. All of our translations are carried out with skill and attention to detail by native speakers working in their area of specialty. Our translators have equally high standards and it is reflected in their work. We are able to work on all types of documents, from press releases and contracts through to technical specs and product brochures.

Technical translation
Our technical translations are clear, detailed and effective to meet your project requirements. We stake our 35-year reputation on our skills to produce flawless work for any sector in almost any language. We have the capacity to work on anything from comprehensive safety datasheets, maintenance manuals and technical specs.

Interpreting is an integral service we offer. Effective interpreting ensures that meaning is conveyed quickly and accurately. Our talented interpreters have at least 5 years’ experience and the attitude and mind-set to make them a pleasure to work with. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer every type of interpreting: ad-hoc, consecutive, simultaneous, telephone and chuchotage (or whispered) interpreting.

Multilingual DTP
Our highly skilled and professional Desktop Publishing team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software compatible with both Mac and PC’s. They are also able to typeset our finished work back into the original artwork so it looks exactly like the original. This also eliminates the potential for human error and the trouble of having to copy and paste the text back into the original files. Our accomplished DTP team creates the perfect finishing touches on an exceptional translation.

Website translation and localisation
Our first-rate website translation and localization services helps our clients reach their full potential online and gain full access to foreign markets. We are able to cover the full range of tasks within this specialized discipline. We are capable of working with not only visible content online, but also back-end code to create effective online communications and maintain consistency for your brand that will meet the needs of any target audience.

Software localization
Similar to website localization, software localization can help your product realize its full potential. By looking beyond simple language translation, our team of experts can give your software depth and integrity by fine-tuning details like error messages and tool bars.

Subtitling and voiceovers
Our male and female professional voice-over artists represent most regions of the world and only work into their native language. We can also provide the studio space and sound engineers to make the voice over process much easier. Our subtitling team shares the same professionalism and talent as our voice over artists and translators, which is reflected in the quality of their work.

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