Pharmaceutical Translation Services

pharmaceutical-translation-servicesWhen you’re working in pharmaceuticals, you need accurate translations provided by native speakers with medical experience.

With the new legislation in the US, the face of the medical industry is changing. You need translators who can keep up with the rapidly changing industry. Our translators all translate into their native language so there will be no confusion with your target audience. With many states passing legislation requiring pharmaceutical drug labels to be translated, The Translation People can ensure that your translated drug labels will have clear and precise instructions in the target language and will meet, or exceed, regulatory agency standards in any country.

At The Translation People, we believe that the very best translation work can only be achieved when superb language skills combine with a thorough knowledge of the industry. That’s why our specialist pharmaceutical translators have years of work experience in the pharmaceutical sector, giving them a high level of industry acumen which is reflected in their work. Our translations are trusted and utilized by Fortune 500 pharmaceutical corporations, biotech startups, and clinical research organizations. Every one of their translations you can trust to be clear, well-written and accurate. With our ISO 9001:2008 certification reflecting our peerless quality management system, you can relax knowing your translations are in good hands.

This rare combination of linguistic expertise and industry knowledge means our pharmaceutical translation specialists produce work of unbeatable integrity on any type of text. We have experience translating a variety of texts from protocols, Patient Information Leaflets, clinical research trials or corporate websites and marketing materials. Our global client base includes many of the industry’s leading names and our work to date includes translations in all realms of the pharmaceutical sector.

Market leaders have high standards, so it is only fitting that our approach to project management reflects our overall commitment to quality. We use dedicated Account Managers to make sure jobs are always completed smoothly, on time and within your budget. We are also able to translate into almost every world language, as well as, utilize media and software programs to suit any client. We also work with translation memory software that ensure future translation consistency and create a database of your company’s preferred terminology. We also offer in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) services to make sure the layout of your documents looks as good as the source text, eliminating the risk of human error in copying and pasting the text into marketing documents. Flexibility, complete confidentiality, and consistent high performance are the quality our reputation is built on, and we will do everything we can to keep it that way.

Typical texts we work with:

Clinical Report Forms Patient Questionnaires Insert Leaflets
Clinical Trials Product Labels Manufacturing Process Descriptions
Data Sheets Scientific Papers Patient Information/Charts
Drug Registration Documentation Clinical Protocols Pharmacological Studies
Manuals Consent Forms Toxicology Reports
Package Inserts and Labels Dossiers Reports for regulatory agencies
Document Translation

A key service at the heart of the business, our document translation is carried out with the skill and attention to detail that underpins our reputation. Our professional translators work to the very highest standards on all types of document, from manuals, contracts and technical specs through to product brochures and company press releases.

Document Translation Services

Multilingual DTP

Our highly skilled DTP team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as typesetting our finished work back into your original artwork so it looks like the original.

Multilingual DTP Services

Software Localisation

To really take advantage of your software’s true potential, you need our specialist software localisation service. Out team of experts give depth and integrity to software by looking beyond simple language translation and instead fine-tuning details like toolbars and error messages. The result is improved usability for your specific target audience.

Software Localisation

Subtitling and Voiceovers

Our professional voiceover artists lend your work unmistakable authenticity because they only work in their native language. As well as male and female artists representing most regions of the world, we can also provide the studio space and sound engineers to make your voiceovers perfect. Our subtitling team share the same professionalism and talent as our voiceover artists, and it shows in the quality of their finished work.

Subtitling and Voiceovers

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