Marine Translation Services


Translating for the marine sector can be a difficult task due to its own language, phrases and terminology so it helps to have translations performed by translators who really understand the sector. At The Translation People, we take the time to find and select experienced translators who’ve actually got a marine background. This means they are language professionals whose work is authentic and rings true with your colleagues and customers all over the world.

Typical texts translated for the marine sector:

  • Technical specifications
  • Health and safety information
  • Software and website localizations
  • Bids and tender
  • Marketing/promotional material
  • Foreign regulations/legislation
  • Patents and contracts
  • Application/consent/complaint forms
  • Driver’s logs
  • Intake forms
  • Manuals/User instructions
  • Permit Applications
  • Notice of rights under Title VI

Our translation services specialists have worked on a huge range of projects that demanded an in-depth knowledge of the marine industry and its culture. We have the talent and resources to translate in almost any world language or software or media platform. We also utilize dedicated account managers for fast, responsive and reliable services. Our account managers work tirelessly to ensure that your project will come in on time, under budget and surpassing expectations. Our clients include some of the leading marine businesses who continue to come back for our expert services.

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