Aerospace Translation Services


The international nature of the aerospace industry makes multilingual communication fundamental to the success of any business operating within the industry. Quality translation services can further the development of new business relationships, ensure effective communication with international employees, help expand your business overseas and ensure your marketing campaigns are well received, no matter what country you are targeting.

By ensuring our work is of the highest standard, we have built a satisfied client base in a variety of areas within the industry, including engine component suppliers, maintenance specialists, aerial surveillance and ground-based navigation.

Our extensive experience in the aerospace sector covers the following key components:

Specialist linguists with experience in your industry

We have a rigorous quality assessment process for our linguists and we employ only the best, meaning any translation for your business will be completed by an expert who is familiar and confident with your needs.

Quality service 24 / 7

No matter the time or location, our workflow automation processes ensure an instant quotation and that you receive your translated documentation on schedule with minimum hassle. Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure your projects are completed to your standards and provide attentive support throughout the project lifecycle.

Data security and confidentiality

We make sure your content is shared with the essential parties and no one else, with agreed security measures in place such as the storage and transfer of your files on our secure server and making sure all parties have signed NDAs.   

Terminology Management and Translation Memory

We use translation technology which meticulously records your preferred terminology and the past translations we have completed for you. This allows our linguists to consistently and accurately translate your content and meet your project requirements effortlessly. It also allows us to pass on cost savings to you by providing reduced rates for repeated content across your documentation.

Seamless integration with your technology

We work with numerous file types used in the aerospace industry, ensuring your product designs and technical specifications are communicated with expertise across any language barrier. You can see a short list of both the software and file types we are familiar with.

Illustration and Authoring Software Specifications and Standards
Framemaker SGML Editor
Microsoft Office
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
ASD S1000D
ASD S2000M
ATA 100
ATA 2100
Def. Stan 00-60
AvP 70
Typical texts we translate for our aerospace clients  
  • Technical specifications
  • Research publications
  • Health and safety information
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • Software and website localization
  • Bids and tenders
  • Foreign legislation and regulatory information
  • Technology briefs and white papers
  • Patents
  • Work procedures
  • Blueprints
  • Contracts
  • Notice of rights under Title V

Cultural adaptation of your content

When localizing your content for multiple countries, it’s essential to know the nuances of culture that inevitably affect customer buying choices. This doesn’t just include the words you use, but also the images, symbols and colors you use in an advertisement. We can provide additional consultation on what will make your content speak to anyone, anywhere.

For more information, please contact your dedicated Account Manager or request a quote through our website.

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