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Why only a Good-Quality German Website could boost your Business


It is a well-known fact that Germany’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe, with low unemployment rates and excellent import and export potential. It is for these reasons, amongst many others, that an increasing number of companies are looking to Germany to potentially increase profits. But just like in any foreign market, to establish connections and grow in the German market, it’s vital to reach out to customers in their own language. While the easiest, and maybe the most cost effective way, would be to run the text through an online machine translation tool, it may not achieve the best results.

Machine translation tends to lack any sort of localization or cultural nuances. It is important to translate as much useful information as possible and also to incorporate those little extras to show your consideration and understanding of the culture and the people you are selling to:

  • Adding some of the culture’s equivalent examples, references, allusions, expressions and styles demonstrates that you understand the customers and their needs. Assuming that the needs and interests of a German business are always the same as those in the British or American market shows lack of thought and may turn customers away.
  • It is always a good idea to dub or add subtitles to any videos and other multimedia to ensure that the customers feel more involved and comfortable. It is easy to feel left in the dark if part of the information is not in your native language. Even if your level of the language is very high, you are more likely to trust and buy products from a seller that you understand perfectly.
  • Think about the differences in forms of address and ways of expressing formality in a language. For instance, there are different ways of saying ‘you’ in German, depending on how many people you are talking to and how formal the situation is. And getting these key things wrong may cause confusion or even offend!

An ever-expanding global market means that we can now deliver our business to anywhere in the world, which can be both useful and very tough. On the one hand, we can offer services to people far away that can’t get our services anywhere else. We can branch out, expand and improve thanks to globalization. We can branch out, expand and improve thanks to globalisation. But on the other hand, the competition is fierce and in order to stand out, you have to show the customers that you care about them, their culture and their needs.

The Translation People offer excellent quality German document translations, website translations, voiceover and subtitling, multilingual transcription and more to ensure that you connect with your German customers as if they were right next door.

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